Your One-Stop Guide To The BEST Security Jobs In St. Louis!

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Your One-Stop Guide To The BEST Security Jobs In St. Louis!

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OUR MISSION IS TO CONNECT DEDICATED SECURITY PERSONNEL IN THE GREATER ST. LOUIS REGION WITH FULFILLING AND LUCRATIVE CAREERS is powered by GCI Security, Inc., a mainstay in the Greater St. Louis security guarding industry for over 30 years. We have innovated in our space, being the first security agency to provide services for special taxing districts in St. Louis and we continue to lead in specialized security services. We also leverage top of the line technology to keep our officers and customers safe. Our relationships with the City of St. Louis, including with the police departments, has helped establish the foundation of our management and advisory team.

With 200+ employees, 24 vehicles, and bike patrols, we are a growing company that maintains a team-oriented, collaborative culture. At GCI Security we believe in treating our officers as teammates rather than employees. Through effective training practices, above industry-average pay, and career assistance, we strive to create an environment where our officers thrive and grow into supervisory roles with GCI and throughout the industry.

The Right Tools. The Right Team.

Are you tired of being overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated?  You deserve to be treated as more than just a cog in the machine.


Better Pay

Are you tired of working hard for a disappointing paycheck?

Above-Average Pay Rates

Earn more with GCI Security offering compensation that exceeds industry averages.

Career Advancement

Do you feel like you're stuck in a dead-end security job?

Grow With Us

Let GCI reward you with quick advancement opportunities into supervisory roles.

Team-Oriented Atmosphere

You're not just an employee, you're a valued member of the team.

You Are Important

We have the tools, guidance and support you need to grow.


Working for GCI Security has been such a great experience. Upper management actually cares about their staff rather than just treating them as a number.

I like the fact that GCI encourages its officers to be proactive with their duties and not just reactive. Working in the security field it is important to have the tools and support to actually do your job. They’re also very accommodating when it comes to scheduling. They have a clear understanding that people have lives outside of work.

Secondly, it feels great having the trust to go out and perform your duties without someone breathing down your neck. Starting out with that level of trust inspires me to do the best job I possibly can. There is always someone available to talk to for advice when encountering an issue that may be more difficult than others to deal with. Overall a it’s a great support system.

Lastly, GCI is always on the look out when it comes to keeping up with technology regarding the security field. Most companies are doing this as well, but for the wrong reasons. Other companies want to use these tools to save costs for their own gains. GCI wants to upgrade all its inner workings to better suit their officers and clients. It’s great to be attached to a company that’s loval and who invests in itself as well as its staff.

Donald B.

What sets GCI Security apart is the people who work here. In a security industry where it feels like officers are simply cogs in a business machine, GCI maintains its focus on a personalized approach to security management. A security company is only as good as the people that work there, and GCI understands that a successful company must invest in its people.

Many people view security as a dead-end job and, in many cases, it’s impossible to rise through the ranks of other security companies.  That’s not the case at GCI Security as good officers are rewarded quickly with advancement opportunities into supervisory and even executive positions.

Shane C.

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